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01 April 2008 @ 03:22 am
Mod Post - PLEASE READ (and there is a new community layout)  
It has been a while since I've been active here but we have a new co-mod and this community is about to go through some serious revamping. Here is a posting of everything you need to know about the community.

fueledbymedia was opened in June 2007 as the sister community of fueledbygraphix. The community's intent was for users to share Fueled By Ramen (all other FBR-related companies included) media (pictures, video, audio) and also fullsize icons as well as request both graphics and media (i.e. a live recording or a video). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of the mods and ask - the contact information can be found on the profile.

Do not share graphics and/or icons here. Use fueledbygraphix for that.
No advertising and promos.
Don't know where to upload? Try our list of site suggestions.
Do not request for someone to upload an album or a DVD. You want them? Go buy them. And for sharers, do not upload the CD or DVD for anyone. If you want to do it over e-mail or whatever, that's your business. Don't do it in this community.
No fan-made YouTube videos, please.
Please do not make multiple posts, requesting the same thing over and over.
When fullsizing icons, don't ask for or share agency pictures (Getty Images, Wireimages, etc.). The post will be deleted if you share agency photos.
We now have tags as a way of keeping the community organized, please use them.
Please do not link people to sites for converting or ripping unless they ask for it. Just simply provide them what they've requested.

If any of the mods find your post to be inappropriate and/or if after being told to fix your post, you still fail to follow any of the community rules, it will be deleted without warning.
If you want to, use this format for requests:

Media Posts:
Our media posts are currently under serious revamping and will be reposted gradually. Anyone is welcome to contribute something to the media posts.
The moderators will create and attempt to maintain media posts for each band and then one for misc. and staff.
If there is anything you want to be added, leave a comment (with a link to the upload - use .zip files for pictures, please) and it will be added as soon as possible.
If a video/song belongs to you and you would like credit or any of the links expire, leave a comment letting us know..
All posts will be found in the community memories once they are complete.

Our community affiliates can be found here.
We are always accepting new affiliates unless otherwise stated. If you would like to affiliate with us, please leave a comment to the link above.

Sites to upload can be found here.
Tagging can be confusing, but here is how things are done here:
-The people: ___ tag shall be used when you make a post and may contain media of a specific or only one or two Fueled By Ramen members. I.E. Not all of Panic At The Disco, but simply a video featuring Brendon Urie and Jon Walker only.
- If all of Panic is somewhere in the post, then label it as bands: panic at the disco.
- All posts should have some sort of media: ___ tag on it as well, labeling what sort of media can be found in your post.
- If you have a request in your post, please include a graphics: request (for graphics request) or media: request (for audio or video) tag. media: fullsize is for fullsizing icons.

Your mods Britt (michaelshinoda), Jade (thoseguiltyeyes) and Steph (monsterxpants)